Living in Love

This Dharma talk and three Meditations share how to experience love without changing circumstances in life. The more this primal love is touched, the longer periods of contentment and happiness can be experienced, without needing people or circumstances to change. The more ardently this is practiced, the easier it becomes to experience people and circumstances transform around you. With a focus on love, obstacles come to be removed.

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"When a person lives in Love they see opportunities and doorways where previously they saw obstacles and blocks."

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Taking Living in Love
is an opportunity to learn:

Heart in Circle with Rays like a Sun

To enter the place of all true healing, an interior silence, and to recognize and train in coming from steady Love rather than seeking Love from the external world

Illustration of a body with lines leading to different points of the body

To touch and experience radical compassion as a Presence which can heal your body, your life and your relationships

three squiggly lines that look like wind

How to have compassion for the world without becoming codependent with the world’s challenges

Plant growing above two hands facing up

To experience directly that Love, the Divine — the Creative Impulse of life itself— and one's true Nature are all one thing

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Meet Your Teacher

Scott Schwenk’s teaching is a blend of stillness, unexpected expansion, laughter, discovery, and actionable insights revealing dynamic inner freedom. For 25 years, Scott has been catalyzing the inner evolution of others, helping them to grow.

Born with intense empathy and clairaudience (intuitive hearing) already online, Scott sought understanding and freedom at every turn. Having spent several years living and studying in a Hindu-Tantric monastery in his mid-twenties, Scott has cultivated a number of long apprenticeships in leadership development, tantric meditation/philosophy, spiritual awakening, Vedic ritual and facilitating later stage adult ego development.

In the private sector the bulk of Scott’s work is private master coaching worldwide clients in Waking Up, Growing Up, Cleaning Up and Showing Up.  He taught weekly meditation classes for Unplug Meditation, Wanderlust Studios in Los Angeles and at Wanderlust Festivals across the country.

Why Do Meditation and Breathwork Practice with Scott Schwenk?

Scott’s practice blends the nuts and bolts of practicality with the mysticism of deep Awareness leaving you feeling cleansed. When you practice Breathwork and Meditation you’ll start to realize that you have everything you need internally to self-soothe and grow. Where other methods focus just on the breath without knowing how it comes together, Scott’s teaching blends a compassionate understanding of what it is to be human with the insight of what’s possible in outgrowing our conditioning.