The Power of Presence

Learn to lead from the power within 

The Power of Presence

Learn to lead from the power within

Lectures, Breathwork Practices and Meditations designed to improve your communications.

25 hour training for leaders, facilitators, teachers, and therapists.

The Power of Presence is a deep dive through five pillars of Practice, Integrity, Preparation, Inner State and Empathy.

Whether you are a yoga instructor, facilitating one-on-one experiences, teaching large groups or want to take a leap in your personal practice, this powerful training will show you the ways that we can all use universal energy and preserve our personal energy as we tap into the Power of Presence.

Well over 25 years of training others to grow, evolve and awaken and lead are condensed into this program, which also counts as a 25 hour Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credit.


Through your active participation in this training, you will bring more power to your teaching, elevate the effectiveness of your work with others, and expand the reach of your own personal path of discovery. The focused practices, contemplations, empowered Mantras, journaling prompts and support materials are all designed to grow your capacity to align with and act from Grace.

The Power of Presence lives within each individual in seed form. This training is about waking up those seeds, nourishing them and letting them expand our lives into limitless Love and creative power. In doing so we gain the ability to align with Presence. This alignment facilitates greater awakenings in not just ourselves but in all those with whom we interact.

This training is for you if you: 

Want to enhance the impact of your leadership skills

Want to lead, teach and communicate with greater ease, clarity, and alignment 

Want to be able to deliver teachings that land and attract more students

Are ready to receive and experience greater abundance

Are committed to using everything in your life to grow, evolve, and awaken to your highest potential

In this training you will have the opportunity to learn:


breathe clean air by Davide Benatti from the Noun Project

Multiple ways of working with breath, alchemically, to transform in the moment


meditation by Eucalyp from the Noun Project

Ways of entering the transformative spaciousness of meditation in any situation


mantra by Satyaprita Gaekwad from the Noun Project

The hidden power of Mantra for strength, guidance and personal growth 


reset by Olena Panasovska from the Noun Project

The power of contemplation - going beyond mere thinking and extrapolating and instead into deeper creative insights


Abstract Graph Diagram by Olena Panasovska from the Noun Project

How to tap into limitless creative potential


global communications by Olena Panasovska from the Noun Project

How to integrate and embody insights from the training into your own teachings and relationships 


Meet Your Teacher

Scott Schwenk’s teachings, through a mixture of Dharma talks, Meditations and Breathwork Practices, guide seekers to explore their deepest selves leading them to live their lives free from tension and full of trust. Known for his hugely popular Wanderlust Festival workshops, his Unplug teachings and online trainings, Scott has been catalyzing the inner evolution of others for decades: helping them to grow, transform obstacles into opportunities, and find Love within.

Scott spent several years living and studying in a Hindu monastery which introduced him to the core body of Tantric traditions which continue to flow through each of his teachings. Apprenticeships in leadership development, meditation and philosophy training, spiritual awakening and Vedic rituals were all part of Scott’s development into the thought-leader that he is today.

Scott’s teachings move through the core principles of Waking Up, Growing Up, Cleaning Up and Showing Up. These lenses can be used to allow willing participants to work through their adult ego development and access wider perspectives through consistent meditative practices. 

Working with Scott has inspired thousands of followers to access expanded states of awareness and reach wider states of consciousness.

This training is for you if:

Want to be able to deliver teachings that land

Want to be able to work with the power of transmitting a teaching

Are committed to growing in your life and making new connections

You are ready to receive and experience greater abundance

There are so many treasures waiting for you

You want to enhance the impact of your presentation skills. Not just with practical things, but with effectively communicating knowledge accessed from the place from which deep teachings arise.

9+ Hours of Video Content

Enough to get you started capturing and editing the images you want.

24 Page Quick Start Guide

Reference to important tips while you are in the field. Complete with an index so you never get lost.

Access Anytime, Anywhere

Whether day or night, wherever you are, you have lifetime access to this course.

Lifetime Access for only $999 $399

Each of the 5 pillars of this training include Dharma Talks, Meditation Practices, Breathwork Practices, Journal Prompts, Homework and downloadable worksheets.


4 Live Calls with Scott (July 8, 15, 22, 29)

25 Dharma Talks

20 Downloadable Worksheet Pages

13 Meditation Practices

12 Breathwork Practices

25 Hours Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credit 

Printable Power of Presence Certificate