Alchemy of Compassion

Discover how to elevate yourself, your relationships and your environments through the empowering force of Compassion


Alchemy of Compassion

Discover how to elevate yourself, your relationships and your environments through the empowering force of Compassion


Do you wish you could feel more engaged and connected with the world around you, but worry that doing so will leave you feeling drained and demoralized? 

Would you like to have the energy and life force to face any challenge or difficult emotion and KNOW that you'll come out stronger on the other side? 

COMPASSION makes it all possible. 

You may have heard (or felt yourself) that "compassion fatigue" is causing many people in modern society to feel burnt out, hopeless, and wishing to withdraw from the world to protect their own mindset.  This is actually the fatigue of over-empathizing.  

Empathy is the capacity to feel what another is feeling physically and emotionally through the mirror neurons throughout our bodies. 

What if, instead of Compassion being a source of anxiety and stress, it became an unlimited source of energy, grace, and freedom? 

  • Compassion is Love from Source.  
  • Compassion is Love without a story.  
  • Compassion gives energy, perspective, and the capacity for profound love with skillful boundaries. 

Compassion is a diamond with many facets.  We will explore five doorways of practicing with compassion, one each week – Perspective, Forgiveness, Reciprocity, Consent, and Self-Awareness.

I'm Scott Schwenk, and over the past 30 years, I've been practicing and teaching the alchemy of compassion - a way to radically transform your experience of and connection with the world in a way that leaves you feeling stronger, more capable, and fully awake to life's possibilities.

Over the course of 5 weeks, we will take a journey through recognizing, living from and embodying the power of Compassion. 


Welcome Video and Opening Meditation: The Opening Meditation is Meditation in the Heart of Compassion.  The welcome video moves through setting intentions for the journey through the course, tips for getting the most out of the course, guided contemplations and preparation for the first formal session, Alchemy of Forgiveness.

Session One: Alchemy of Forgiveness

Session Two: Alchemy of Reciprocity

Session Three: Alchemy of Consent

Session Four: Alchemy of Perspective

Session Five: Alchemy of Self-Awareness


This training is for you if you want to: 

  • Build and strengthen practices for transforming difficult emotions into fuel for everything that matters most to you.

  • Build your capacity for engaging with people and circumstances in ways which Preserve, Nourish, and Build vital life-force.

  • Learn to care for yourself, your relationships, and your environment in ways that nourish your life force, fill your heart, and feed your highest aspirations for being alive.

  • Attract nourishing and compassionate relationships of all sorts.

  • Take leaps in waking up more deeply and growing up more fully by learning “naked perception”.  Through the practice of “naked perception” we free up energy, more granular intuition, and elegant movement through all of our moments.

  • Dissolve energy-depleting co-dependent behaviors and thought loops.

  • Enter into a deeper relationship with the infinite creativity of your true Nature.


Meet Your Teacher

Scott Schwenk’s teachings, through a mixture of Dharma talks, Meditations and Breathwork Practices, guide seekers to explore their deepest selves leading them to live their lives free from tension and full of trust. Known for his hugely popular Wanderlust Festival workshops, his Unplug teachings and online trainings, Scott has been catalyzing the inner evolution of others for decades: helping them to grow, transform obstacles into opportunities, and find Love within.

Scott spent several years living and studying in a Hindu monastery which introduced him to the core body of Tantric traditions which continue to flow through each of his teachings. Apprenticeships in leadership development, meditation and philosophy training, spiritual awakening and Vedic rituals were all part of Scott’s development into the thought-leader that he is today.

Scott’s teachings move through the core principles of Waking Up, Growing Up, Cleaning Up and Showing Up. These lenses can be used to allow willing participants to work through their adult ego development and access wider perspectives through consistent meditative practices. 

Working with Scott has inspired thousands of followers to access expanded states of awareness and reach wider states of consciousness.