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Whether you want to dip your toe into meditation and breathwork, or commit to transformative inner work, I offer programs and practices to support you along the way.

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Experience the power of meditation, breathwork, mantra, and more.

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Enjoy live group calls with me twice per month, plus regular lessons and practices.

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Work directly with me to overcome obstacles and achieve breakthroughs. 

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Unlock Unlimited Joy & Potential in Your Life

Many people think that practicing meditation, breathwork, or mantra are just about disconnecting from life's challenges and embracing a state of emptiness.

What I've learned in over 30 years of study and practice is that they're actually an amazing pathway to tap into the incredible power and potential within all life, and learning to use this power to skillfully thrive in your daily life.

By working with me, you'll discover how to tap into your unlimited potential as well, and how to show up fully and joyfully no matter what is happening around you.

I invite you to work with me and unlock the profound power I know is already within you!

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Free Guided Meditation

Enjoy this meditation which will guide you into profound relaxation and inspiration. You will learn my 6 Points of Softening -- a powerful tool for releasing stress, opening creative flow and becoming more present and grounded.

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