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Do you want to be able to relax at will?

When I think about Breathwork and Meditation, for me, it means attending to the natural state prior to the mind becoming busy. My hope for everyone who joins me in my classes: may you be happy, may you be well, may you feel loved.

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Breathwork practices combine ancient rhythmic breathing with playlists designed to have you soaring. This powerful practice balances the physical with the mental, clears out stuck emotional energy, expands insight/intuition, and opens the heart — a regular reset for your life.

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We use breath, mantra, and imagination to recognize and deeply experience a state of inner Freedom that is not dependent on personal circumstances. Each Meditation is an empowerment, carving new pathways in the brain and nervous system for living and playing in deeply creative flow-states.

Waking Up. Growing Up.
Cleaning Up. Showing Up.

My core practice is being true to the Present moment, ever deepening my capacity to embody the Love, which has no outer cause. To be free from attachment to this world while wholeheartedly showing up. To savor the joy and gift of being in a body on this gorgeous living breathing planet, and from that foundation, to support those who are deeply called to the work of Waking Up, Growing Up, Cleaning Up, Showing Up.

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"I have worked with Scott for over 15 years and he has taught me to discover and accept myself for who I truly am.”


-Marie Adams

"I have been breathing my whole life but Scott introduced me to my true breath."


-Kevin Peake

"Scott's receptivity and perceptivity of the most subtle elements of energy are extraordinary, bringing insight to those seeking guidance.”


-Venita Ramirez

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