Guided Practices & Courses

Discover the power of Meditation, Breathwork, and Mantra with these programs.

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Falling in Love with Meditation

Learn to create and grow a thriving practice with this 3-day program that's perfect for anyone wanting to meditate more.

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The Empowered You Community

Get support in creating your practice with regular lessons, live calls, and a thriving community of other spiritual seekers.

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1:1 Mentorship

Experience the power of working directly with me to overcome obstacles and create a clear path forward for your practice. 

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Guided Practices

Guided Meditations

Learn to effortlessly meditate, calm the nervous system, experience peace, expand awareness and much more with these guided meditations.

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Guided Breathwork

Use your breath to restore energy, access infinite vitality, create resilience, and more with these breathwork practices.

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The Complete Breathwork & Meditation Package

Get a huge variety of guided breathwork & meditation practices for one low price.

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Claiming Freedom, Choosing Abundance

Break out of patterns of scarcity and fear, and start experiencing an abundant life.

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Fuel to Rise

This class is about transforming obstacles into opportunities, and using them as fuel for growth and empowerment.

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Power of Presence

Learn to lead from the power within. The Power of Presence is a deep dive through five pillars of Practice, Integrity, Preparation, Inner State and Empathy.

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Taking the Leap: From Inspiration to Embodiment

A six-step program for intentional action and growth. Learn to recognize and embody a greater depth of inner freedom.

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Waking Up in Love: Dissolving the Veils of Suffering

This six-part course is all about awakening to unlimited possibilities, opportunities, and ever-increasing Love.

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Alchemy of Compassion

Discover how to elevate yourself, your relationships and your environments through the empowering force of Compassion.

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Abundant Joy (with Commune)

A transformational 7-day course that guides you into the center of yourself through breathwork, mantra, meditation, and more.

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Ecstatic Breathwork (w/ Commune)

Open your breath, open your life. Learn how to use breathwork to clear blocks and upgrade your inner state in this 5-day journey.

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