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Living With Grace Retreat Recordings

Grace is the force that makes the impossible possible. Grace is within all of us.

In this powerful new program, recorded at a live retreat given by Scott at the Omega Institute, we'll useĀ progressive meditations, ecstatic breathwork, empowered mantra practice, and lucid talks & practicesĀ to dive deep into recognizing the faces of Grace within and expanding our capacities to work and live from this inner dynamism.

With almostĀ 15 hours of audio lessons and guided practicesĀ led by Scott, you can return to this program again and again.

A brand new guided breathwork practice has been created specially for this recording. Each time you practice with this guided session, it will be a fresh opportunity to move deeper in your experience of the power of Grace within.

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Training in Love Workshop

The longing for deeper and stronger experiences of Love is nearly universal.  We hunger for the experience of Love to flow with ease and grace in our closer relationships. For many of us, Love often seems elusive.  Perhaps we're still trying to find our way into some consistent sense of self-love.

Wherever you are in your current experience of Love, if you're willing to deepen your ability to live in Love this workshop is for you.

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Testimonials from Scott Schwenk workshop attendees

“I come away from retreat with a heart filled with Love.”

“The greatest gift from this retreat for me was the permission to go inward.”

“I’ve never been more at peace or felt so aligned with my purpose and life.”

“It is incredible to feel the power of this group of people on retreat that Scott cultivates and the space he makes for us to practice and grow.”

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