Free Satsang Workshops

From time to time, I offer free online workshops called Satsangs. Satsang is a beautiful Sanskrit term expressing the experience of feeling connected to what matters most, through the deep heart. The deep heart of life itself. The deep heart of those walking the path of waking up more deeply and growing up more fully. The deep heart of what we refer to as the Divine.

Most often, these gatherings begin with an opening meditation to ground, to become more fully present, and set intentions. This moves into a dharma talk where I’ll unpack key understandings, tools, and practices for skillful and efficient inner work to bear the greatest fruits. And at some point in the Satsang I’ll guide one or more group practices. This could be meditation, breath practices, Ecstatic Breathwork or empowered Mantra practices. And most often the Satsangs conclude with a Q & A.

Each of these Satsangs is offered via Zoom, recorded and uploaded to the library within this website for you to be able to watch and work with as many times as you like, at no charge.

Satsangs can last from one to two hours, depending on the energy flow.

Zoom links for each Satsang are sent out to registered participants within 24 hours of each live session.

To join future live Satsang workshops, and receive the recordings, just register by clicking the button below.

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Meet Your Teacher

Scott Schwenk’s teaching is a blend of stillness, unexpected expansion, laughter, discovery, and actionable insights revealing dynamic inner freedom. For 25 years, Scott has been catalyzing the inner evolution of others, helping them to grow.

Born with intense empathy and clairaudience (intuitive hearing) already online, Scott sought understanding and freedom at every turn. Having spent several years living and studying in a Hindu-Tantric monastery in his mid-twenties, Scott has cultivated a number of long apprenticeships in leadership development, tantric meditation/philosophy, spiritual awakening, Vedic ritual and facilitating later stage adult ego development.

In the private sector the bulk of Scott’s work is private master coaching worldwide clients in Waking Up, Growing Up, Cleaning Up and Showing Up.  He taught weekly meditation classes for Unplug Meditation, Wanderlust Studios in Los Angeles and at Wanderlust Festivals across the country.

Scott Schwenk Breathwork Teacher