The Empowered You Community

Find peace, purpose and empowerment through practice and community

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The Empowered You Community

Find peace, purpose and empowerment through practice and community


We all know that practices like meditation & breathwork, when done consistently, can lead to incredible personal growth, presence, and peace of mind.

But finding the time to study and practice on your own can be so challenging and discouraging, in the face of the hectic demands of our modern world.

If you've wanted to have a deeper and more consistent meditation practice, but don't know how to begin, I invite you to join me in the Empowered You community.

Twice per month, I'll lead a LIVE meditation or other practice session on Zoom, followed by question and answer sessions where you can get personalized advice and answers to help you make your practice as helpful and impactful as possible.

In between sessions, you'll have access to powerful trainings and workshops, as well as a global community to help you feel supported and accountable.

You'll also get exclusive member discounts on almost all of my courses and trainings, plus lots of unannounced bonus material and other perks. 

What You'll Experience in the Community: 

  • Join Scott for live Zoom sessions twice per month for guided meditations and Q&A with members
  • Watch recordings of all sessions, so there's no problem if you can't make it to all of them live
  • Get hours of additional meditations, teachings, and practices in the Empowered You Membership Library, with more added regularly
  • Save 20% on most of Scott's courses, workshops, and events with an exclusive Members-only discount
  • $50 off your first private session with Scott
  • Get your questions and concerns about meditation and mantra practices answered, and build accountability with other seekers around the world!

Why Join the Community?

Over the years, I've taught thousands of people how to cultivate peace of mind, joy, and presence through breathwork and meditation. 

While I love creating individual trainings on these topics, I've always wanted to create an ongoing community where I can have ongoing interactions with students and help create real, lasting change through consistent practice and guidance.

With that goal in mind, I'm excited to introduce The Empowered You Membership - a global, online membership community dedicated to helping everyone (including you!) to experience the profound benefits of meditation and other spiritual practices.

I want as many people as possible to benefit from regular practice, so I've made the community very affordable to join - you can try it FREE for two full weeks, and if you choose to continue it's just $39/month after that! I'm confident that the skills and lessons you'll find within will be worth so much more.

Join The Empowered You Community


for two weeks, then just $39/month after that. Cancel any time.

  • Two live Zoom calls per month to practice and learn directly with Scott
  • Q&A sessions at the end of each call - get your questions answered
  • Recordings of every session, available¬†24/7
  • Hours of additional practices and content
  • 20% discount on most of Scott's courses, and $50 off your first private session
  • Support and accountability from other seekers around the world!¬†
  • 7-day money back guarantee, so there's no risk

Meet Your Teacher

Scott Schwenk’s teachings, through a mixture of Dharma talks, Meditations and Breathwork Practices, guide seekers to explore their deepest selves leading them to live their lives free from tension and full of trust. Known for his hugely popular Wanderlust Festival workshops, his Unplug teachings and online trainings, Scott has been catalyzing the inner evolution of others for decades: helping them to grow, transform obstacles into opportunities, and find Love within.

Scott spent several years living and studying in a Hindu monastery which introduced him to the core body of Tantric traditions which continue to flow through each of his teachings. Apprenticeships in leadership development, meditation and philosophy training, spiritual awakening and Vedic rituals were all part of Scott’s development into the thought-leader that he is today.

Scott’s teachings move through the core principles of Waking Up, Growing Up, Cleaning Up and Showing Up. These lenses can be used to allow willing participants to work through their adult ego development and access wider perspectives through consistent meditative practices. 

Working with Scott has inspired thousands of followers to access expanded states of awareness and reach wider states of consciousness.