One-on-One Mentorship

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One-on-one sessions with Scott are designed to activate and hone the skills and capacities needed to be highly effective and creatively adaptive in an increasingly complex world. It’s the work of self-mastery. Through humility we can see that there’s always room for growth and refinement.

These mentoring sessions tend to attract a hybrid of high performance leaders/entrepreneurs and focused spiritual seekers. Both tend to hyper-focus on certain areas of development while others lag behind.  

These gaps in our development can leave us feeling unfulfilled and underdeveloped in a variety of areas.

In these sessions we work to reveal and dissolve core tensions throughout your entire being, accelerating the work of Waking Up, Growing Up, Cleaning Up, and Showing Up (see article below for clarification on these four key aspects).

These meetings are an energy boost, meant to inspire and empower the efforts between sessions. The goal is to clarify understanding, to initiate practices which lead to deepening freedom from suffering, compassion for all beings, and skillful wholehearted and humble participation with the fullness of life.

The mentoring sessions unfold through dialogue, meditation, breath and homework practices tailored to moving you from where you are to waking up more deeply and growing up more fully.

Sessions are $300 and last one hour.

Upon receiving payment you will receive an email to help schedule the best time for your session. Scott works with students from around the world. And can work with you to find a convenient time.

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Waking Up, Growing Up,

Cleaning Up and Showing Up.


You will see some overlap between these four movements.  We express them as four movements, but they are not linear.  They are all interrelating.  We explore each of the four distinctly in service of refining our embodiment of greater wholeness and skillfulness in all domains of our lives. 

Waking Up:  Training in more deeply recognizing and consistently embodying deeper states of awareness as we move through life.  Most often we are aware of data coming in through the concrete 5 senses and our opinions about that data.  The work of waking up takes us beyond this. For the willing and ready, significantly beyond. We train to become aware of bare Awareness and deepen our capacity to live and work from it.  Bare Awareness is not conditioned by a past experience or attached to a future experience.  Bare Awareness is the doorway to what is referred to as stages of Awakening or Self-realization.

Growing Up:  Recognizing how we take perspective in our moments and not only clarifying blindspots within our current perspective, but expanding our view to perceive and act from even wider perspectives.  Each stage of growing up is an embodied capacity for recognizing more of what is and how all of the parts of what is are interpenetrating and interdependent. As children we all begin with a first-person perspective (everything is "I, Me, and Mine").  With the right support and timely reflections, we continue recognizing and embodying wider more inclusive perspectives for the rest of our lives.  The later stages of growing up (also referred to as adult ego development) open into degrees of natural awakening to the embodied recognition of our true nature (and that of all of existence) as One Source expressing in an infinite variety forms and possibilities.  

Cleaning Up:  This is about illuminating our blindspots.  It includes what is called parts work or shadow work.  These are areas of ourselves which we haven’t yet recognized but which have been limiting our capacities for deeper fulfillment and greater skillfulness in all areas of our lives.

Showing Up:  It’s one thing to know the best way forward. It’s another matter entirely to actively choose it and move through moments with greater mastery.  Showing Up is developing the capacity to put the most coherent, wakeful, grounded self we have access to in the "driver's seat" of our lives in all of the small moments without suppressing, repressing or avoiding challenging feelings or experiences.  It's a capacity we continue to train in.  Showing Up allows us to put the wise adult in charge.  Showing Up gives us access to truly "being the change we wish to see in this world" to paraphrase Mahatma Gandhi.

Credit to the work of Ken Wilber and Integral Theory for this map of inner work.  As well as to the work of Susanne Cook-Greuter and Terri O'Fallon in mapping the stages of adult ego development through rigorous research. And deep bows to the work of Otto Scharmer et al in the exploration of these models in action with groups and organizations reflected in the cutting edge work of Theory-U at the Sloan School of Management at MIT.  

“Meeting Scott has been a wonderful gift. Since I started working with him, I have been able to make a profound leap in my spiritual journey in a very joyful way. He encourages and supports me to live the truth of the present moment and is a living constant reminder for me to train in being aware of Awareness itself. I’m so grateful. I consider him a real and honest friend from whom I keep learning every day.”

– Fernanda Urrejola, Actress