Private Sessions

Hills and plants with man standing with hands together in thought

Private sessions are where the deeper forms of the work unfold over time, a time set aside to look up from the whirlwind of daily worldly existence and see freshly from expanded perspectives. The closest term Scott has yet felt resonates with these beautiful meetings is the Zen term Dokusan, which is a private meeting between teacher and student to clarify what the student is actually embodying and where the teachings and practices need refinement, adjustment and deepening.

These meetings are an energy boost, meant to inspire and empower the efforts between sessions. The goal is to clarify understanding, to initiate practices which lead to deepening freedom from suffering, compassion for all beings, and skillful wholehearted and humble participation with the fullness of life.

In these sessions we work to recognize and dissolve core tensions throughout your entire being, accelerating the work of Waking Up, Growing Up, 
Cleaning Up, and Showing Up.

This dissolving process unfolds through dialogue, meditation, breath and homework practices tailored to moving you from where you are to waking up more deeply and growing up more fully. Sessions are $300 and last one hour. Upon receiving payment you will receive an email to help schedule the best time for your session. Scott works with students from around the world. And can work with you to find a convenient time. 

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“Meeting Scott has been a wonderful gift. Since I started working with him, I have been able to make a profound leap in my spiritual journey in a very joyful way. He encourages and supports me to live the truth of the present moment and is a living constant reminder for me to train in being aware of Awareness itself. I’m so grateful. I consider him a real and honest friend from whom I keep learning every day.”

– Fernanda Urrejola, Actress