Claiming Freedom, Choosing Abundance

Powerful transformation from within

Claiming Freedom, Choosing Abundance

A live class with Scott Schwenk

Saturday, October 22 from 10am-11am Pacific Time


Our experience of an abundant life starts within.  Every thought we think is actively shaping and directing the creative power of life. 
The ordinary way of the world is to believe that circumstances and conditions are causing how we feel.  This keeps us stuck in patterns of scarcity, worry, and contraction. 
There is a way out.  Powerful transformation can happen now. 
In this practice session, we work with the key tools for upgrading our thinking, dissolving historical tension, and claiming deeper freedom and greater alignment with abundance in all of the key areas of life.
This is a focused practice session using breath, meditation, and key principles of internal alchemy.

Meet Your Teacher

Scott Schwenk’s teachings, through a mixture of Dharma talks, Meditations and Breathwork Practices, guide seekers to explore their deepest selves leading them to live their lives free from tension and full of trust. Known for his hugely popular Wanderlust Festival workshops, his Unplug teachings and online trainings, Scott has been catalyzing the inner evolution of others for decades: helping them to grow, transform obstacles into opportunities, and find Love within.

Scott spent several years living and studying in a Hindu monastery which introduced him to the core body of Tantric traditions which continue to flow through each of his teachings. Apprenticeships in leadership development, meditation and philosophy training, spiritual awakening and Vedic rituals were all part of Scott’s development into the thought-leader that he is today.

Scott’s teachings move through the core principles of Waking Up, Growing Up, Cleaning Up and Showing Up. These lenses can be used to allow willing participants to work through their adult ego development and access wider perspectives through consistent meditative practices. 

Working with Scott has inspired thousands of followers to access expanded states of awareness and reach wider states of consciousness.