The June 2024 Empowered You Meditation Intensive

"The Inner Treasure"

An online retreat for

Empowerment, Momentum and Awakening

Live via Zoom on Saturday, June 1, 2024

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What is the Empowered You Meditation Intensive?


The Empowered You Meditation Intensive is an invitation to make time for yourself - a few hours that will radically transform your perspective and approach to life. 

It is designed to help you have breakthroughs in awareness, in your ability to skillfully approach every moment of your day, and to align with the infinite power of Grace.

For a new meditator this program will energetically jump-start your practice while teaching you potent doorways and tools for entering the empowering sacred domain within you.

For seasoned practitioners, the Empowered You Meditation Intensive is a an energy boost to enable leaps in consciousness.

Over the course of a few hours, you'll join a community of seekers around the world in practices and Dharma talks that will empower you and give you tools you can use every day, in any situation, to navigate challenges and thrive like never before.


Join Scott for The June 2024 Meditation Intensive

Empowered You Meditation Intensive FAQ


When is the Intensive happening?

The live Intensive happens Saturday, June 1 from 10am-2:30pm Pacific Time with short breaks and one longer break (about 30min)  **or you can participate in this intensive with the recordings at your own ideal chosen timing.


How does the Empowered You Meditation Intensive work?

We begin in a seated upright posture with an opening meditation and guided intention setting.

In one or more parts of the sessions you will be invited to lay flat. So you may wish to have an area prepared in advance for this option should it arise.

The key to all of the practices we'll be doing is in being present with the body. Scott will help you with this throughout each session.

Each session will work with breath. Breath is essential. It's one of the simplest and most elegant ways to release tension and connect with expanded Awareness.

We will work with different breathing techniques from session to session. You will be given options for a gentler or stronger approach to the breath based on what your body and nervous system are ready for that day.


What practices will we be doing and do I need previous experience with any of them?

All levels of experience are fully welcomed! Instructions and guidance will be given for each practice along the way and there will be opportunities for asking questions.

The formal Intensive begins with an arrival meditation and a focused intention-setting practice, we then flow forward through the layers of the intensive to progressively longer practices with meditation, empowered mantra repetition, guided contemplation, and breathing practices.

These practices will be interspersed with teachings and tools for deepening your experience of the transformative power of the practices as well as bringing the benefits of your learning into your daily moments with greater skillfulness, ease, and grace.


How can I prepare for the Intensive?

Watch and practice with the pre-recorded preparation videos. You will have immediate access to these videos the moment you register for the intensive.


Preparing your physical space for the Intensive ~

Create a nourishing environment for yourself to remain undisturbed. 

The majority of the Intensive practice will be done upright and seated. There will be one or more practices which can be done laying down, so are encouraged to have an area prepared with something to lay on (like a yoga mat or blanket) as well as an additional blanket in case you want to feel warmer.

And consider planning a bit of time after the session for journaling any insights which arise as well as spending a bit of time in nature integrating if you are able.

(**more comprehensive preparation suggestions are offered in the intensive preparation videos available once you register)


Are the intensive sessions being recorded?

Yes. The sessions will be given live via Zoom and the recordings will be placed in your course library on Scott's website within hours of the completion of the live intensive.

After purchasing, you'll have lifetime access to the recordings so you can revisit the lessons and practices any time.


Where do I find the Zoom links for the live Intensive?


Zoom links will be posted in the course library as well as emailed out to all registered participants 24 hours and 1 hour in advance of the Intensive.


What are participants saying about their experience of the Empowered You Meditation Intensive?

"Nothing has expanded my meditation practice as much as the intensive; in a few hours I gained more than 10 day meditation retreats and years of daily practice. It broke through so many of the ways I was holding myself back, resulting in a sustained, deeper meditation practice and all the benefits that come with that. I keep coming back to the recordings because I enjoy them so much, and I gain new insights every time I do! " -SB
"I have attended Scott’s Satsangs, workshops and courses, which have been impactful in my spiritual practice, and yet, I am in awe of how in the Meditation Intensive I explored a deeper sense of self-awareness, found the inspiration to embrace the wisdom that emerged, and openly received Scott’s guidance for the integration of the new insights.  The one-day intensive was profoundly transformative!" -OR
"Through the progressive sits, I reach a new level of deep body relaxation, a nectar of spaciousness that allows energy to flow, leading to a marvelous sense of merging with the mantra. Plus, an unexpected physical strength that seemed to emerge from this merging is still enduring." -VG
"The Meditation Intensive is a boost of energy to my daily practice and life. My participation has brought deeper insight into mantra practices as a doorway to enter deep meditation. The experience of deep silence during and after the Intensive, and the desire to practice more to embody and integrate these new practices, supports me on my journey forward." -SJ
"Ever since I began the Intensives, my day-to-day awareness has undergone a significant transformation. Before, meditation felt like a routine task, feeling easily disrupted by tension in the mind or outside circumstances. However, now with time invested in the intensives, I have a deeper, more focused, meditation practice and feel the vast possibilities of greater awareness that it offers." -GD

Empowered You Intensive Investment


We are currently offering 2 options for your intensive fee:

1) Community Pricing

2) Sustainer Pricing, for those who wish to give more and enable financial support for other practitioners.

Going inward to sense the offering that is most empowering is one of the key practices of the Intensive. The energy of the Intensive begins moving for you the moment you make your offering.

Whether you consider yourself new to meditation, are reinvigorating a practice or are here to take a leap in your growth, you belong and are welcomed.

Bring a curious mind and a willing heart.

Community Pricing


One time fee for lifetime access

  • Guided¬†breath practices, mantra, meditations, and more
  • Tap into the natural abundance that surrounds you at all times, so you can feel more empowered and at peace than ever before
  • Start or reinvigorate your meditation practice
  • Lifetime access to¬†the¬†recording - return to it as many times as you need

Sustainer Pricing


Can be split into 4 payments with PayPal

  • Additional support for the work and for other practitioners
  • Guided¬†breath practices, mantra, meditations, and more
  • Tap into the natural abundance that surrounds you at all times, so you can feel more empowered and at peace than ever before
  • Lifetime access to¬†the¬†recording - return to it as many times as you need

Meet Your Teacher

Scott Schwenk’s teachings, through a mixture of Dharma talks, Meditations and Breathwork Practices, guide seekers to explore their deepest selves leading them to live their lives free from tension and full of trust.

Known for his hugely popular courses and workshops with One Commune,, Wanderlust Festivals, and Unplug Meditation, Scott has been catalyzing the inner evolution of others for decades: helping them to grow, transform obstacles into opportunities, and find Love within.

Scott spent several years living and studying in a Hindu monastery which introduced him to the core body of Tantric traditions which continue to flow through each of his teachings. Apprenticeships in leadership development, meditation and philosophy training, spiritual awakening and Vedic rituals were all part of Scott’s development into the thought-leader that he is today.

Scott’s teachings move through the core principles of Waking Up, Growing Up, Cleaning Up and Showing Up. These lenses can be used to allow willing participants to work through their adult ego development and access wider perspectives through consistent meditative practices.