Sunday Satsang Series



Gentleness + Humility

vinayaśīlatā + vinaya


Opening Satsang

As we will see when we look into the Sanskrit origins of our contemplative guides for the month of Gentleness and Humility, the true spirit of gentleness only arises from humility. During the month of July, we will be paying attention to the ways in which we engage from insecurity or pride, two sides of one single coin. We will practice bringing gentleness into our moments, especially those moments where we seem to catch ourselves making a mis-step of some sort.  


Meditation Satsang

Our meditation training for the month of July will focus on entering the deep heart, a spaceless-space of utter tranquility and restoration.


Ecstatic Breathwork Satsang

We will approach this month’s breathwork practice with the heightened awareness, gentleness and humility required for a butterfly to rest in the palm of our hands comfortably. In this case, the butterfly is the felt presence of Love within.


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