Sunday Satsang Series



Balance + Sensitivity

samtulana + samvedanashīlatā


Opening Satsang

The Sanskrit for Sensitivity points at a form of generosity arising from the inner wisdom of conscious embodied recognition of the innermost nature of all things. In fact the Sanskrit root of both of our study virtues for the month of September is ‘sam’ which implies the unchanging universal dynamic stillness from which all forms and beings arise and into which they once again merge. When attended to, this Awareness brings balance and sensitivity to all of our choices, actions and ways of being with ourselves and others.  


Meditation Satsang

We will enter this month’s meditation training with a particular emphasis on balanced breathing. It has been long taught that when the inbreath and the outbreath become equal, the mind rests in the Light of the Self.


Ecstatic Breathwork Satsang

Many of our most potent internal shifts often begin with a very subtle shift in energy. When we are oriented from a deeper sensitivity, we notice and are guided by these movements in our practice. When we are coming from the grasping/chasing/clinging of unhealed ego, we miss these clues and openings. In our breathwork practice this month, we train in cultivating our sensitivity to inner guidance.


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