Sunday Satsang Series



Steady Wisdom + Self-Inquiry

sthitaprajñā + ātma-anveṣaṇa


Opening Satsang

Who am I? Where am I going? Why am I alive? What is the purpose of my life? These are some of the long-standing questions bursting within seekers for countless centuries around the world which can spark a deeper engagement with life itself. We feel viscerally called to move towards direct experience of the answers through skillful practices of mind-training and recognition of the unconditioned Awareness prior to the ordinary mind. During the month of October, we learn and deepen the tools of Self-Inquiry, leading us to recognize more and more the Steady Wisdom of the great Self.  


Meditation Satsang

In our meditation practice this month, we train in deepening our recognition of and ability to rest in the beautiful spaciousness behind the ordinary mind. As we touch this vast spacious awareness, we are ready to work with a psychoactive question -- ‘What am I really?’. We aren’t looking for words or symbols, rather we are cultivating receptivity to experiencing it directly.


Ecstatic Breathwork Satsang

Can energy be an answer? Yes. Steady Wisdom can be expressed in any number of ways, and is not limited to words. Steady Wisdom is not personal, it arises from consciousness itself. It is grounded and clear. It doesn’t seek validation. In our breathwork practice this month, we train more deeply in dissolving the tension patterns which obscure steady wisdom. Steady wisdom is always shining, like the Sun, whether we’ve yet seen it ourselves or not.


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