Sunday Satsang Series



Generosity + Abundance

udāratā + prāchurya


Opening Satsang

True generosity arises from embodied abundance-consciousness. Abundance-consciousness is naturally and skillfully generous, and as most of us didn’t grow up steeped in this understanding, it must be cultivated. During the month of November, we essentially freshly explore the dynamic of the energy of exchange. How are we exchanging energy with everyone and everything around us? Are we engaging from a perspective of lack or abundance?  


Meditation Satsang

This month, we meditate on the infinite abundance of life itself, flowing through us in ways we might ordinarily overlook. We go beyond mere concepts about abundance, into cultivating a felt sense of knowing. With consistency of this practice, we notice the ways we attract more and more of what we do want and less of what we do not want.


Ecstatic Breathwork Satsang

Through this month’s breathwork practice we investigate the subtle ways we can be more naturally generous with ourselves. Given that how we are breathing really is how we are living, in adjusting our breath, we find one of many forms of generosity.


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