Sunday Satsang Series



Enthusiasm + Faith

 utsāha + śraddhā


Opening Satsang

Central to ongoing radical growth in Freedom and Love are the qualities of Enthusiasm and Faith. The essence of Enthusiasm is Divine inspiration, and one of the original meanings referred to being possessed by a god, being rapt and in ecstasy. Fortifying Enthusiasm can embolden our will to grow, and to use all that arises in our lives as greater avenues for this growth.  Faith is the activity of aligning put into action.  It is making contact and maintaining open alignment with the Source of all inspiration, whether the muse of creative expression, or the rapture of alignment with Source within.  Faith is how we align with these universal energy flows. 


Meditation Satsang

In this meditation, we will meditate on the living force within the breath itself, the prana shakti.  As we discern what is referred to as the breath within the breath, any ordinary moment attending to this energy becomes sublime and creative.  Meditation on the prana shakti is one of the potent doorways to natural Enthusiasm.


Ecstatic Breathwork Satsang

Standing on the shoulders of the awareness we are building of the prana shakti within the breath, we will enter the practice of Ecstatic Breathwork more open to noticing and releasing the various forms of doubt and distrust from previously undigested energies in the nervous system.  As these encrustations are dissolved, we free up tremendous energy within.  The feeling of these releases and openings build Faith and Enthusiasm.

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