Sunday Satsang Series



Compassion + Fearlessness

karuṇā + abayha


Opening Satsang

The English definitions for compassion simply don’t touch the power and majesty of compassion as it’s held in other languages, and in particular, that of Sanskrit. karuṇā is actually impersonal. There are no ego attachments to how things will unfold when we’re coming from karuṇā. Fearlessness arises from this same placeless-place, from the deep heart. Within the deep heart beats the love which has no outer cause, birthed from a recognition that there aren’t really separate beings and objects, but one unbroken Wholeness continually creating within itself and temporarily manifesting as you and I. Don’t worry if this sounds far away. Riding a bicycle without training wheels sounded nearly impossible to many of us prior to sufficient practice.  


Meditation Satsang

In our meditation training for the month of December, we meditate on the lake of stillness within the deep heart, ocean of wisdom, source of blessing and strength, home of true compassion and fearlessness.


Ecstatic Breathwork Satsang

In our breathwork practice this month, we release the mind’s tendencies to grasping, clinging, and chasing. These conditioned forms of mind only attract to us more seeming “reasons” to worry and grasp. As we refresh our focus, we deepen our capacity to digest tension patterns stored along the nervous system, which when left unchecked rise up as conflicted thinking. When we release the forms of tension and grasping, we uncover more and more of the lake of stillness within the deep heart, and see that we are able to access all that we truly need to know moment-to-moment. We let go of the habit of attempting to control the future, leading ourselves back again and again to the truth of the present moment.


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