Sunday Satsang Series



Forgiveness + Kindness

kśamā + dayālutā


Opening Satsang

What is it to give completely, without reservation? To offer from a place of interior connection with the source of all fullness and plenitude? These are hints at the sources of Forgiveness and Kindness, and their very near Sanskrit cousins kśamā and dayālutā. As we contemplate deepening embodiment of these virtues during the month of April, we stretch our capacity to let go of what is gone, to develop clearer and healthier boundaries that allow us to communicate clearly without the need for any aggression. The Source of life itself gives completely and without reservation, and as we are more consciously aligned with this infinite plenitude, we are further empowered to release the charge of previous experiences, to live knowing we are abundantly supplied in all of our ways and see this actively mirrored back to us.  


Meditation Satsang

We will work a meditative process for accepting, having compassion and love for, and allowing the dissolution of emotional reactions to past experiences which have yet to be fully metabolized. As we dissolve these forms of contraction, we free up fuel for all which truly matters to our awakening self.


Ecstatic Breathwork Satsang

Kindness is distinct from simply being ‘nice’. Radical Kindness is firm, clear, grounded, and has no need to seek external validation. Radical Kindness emanates from the wholeness which gives us breath and life. We will explore irradiating this force through the body, emotions and mind through Ecstatic Breathwork, carrying the understandings which reveal into our everyday lives and simple moments.


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