Sunday Satsang Series



Commitment + Vitality

saṃkalpabaddhatā + oja


Opening Satsang

Skillful commitment is a form of clear and grounded intention (Sanskrit: saṃkalpabaddhatā). Focused intention combined with aligned inner feeling and actions are what allow energy to function and flow abundantly and harmoniously for everyone involved. Authentic commitment frees up inner Vitality. Overcommitting and certainly misaligned commitments leak tremendous personal energy. This month we will explore a deeper knowing of what is personally authentic, timely and skillful, along with the application of will to remain committed. We will contemplate using less personal energy and drawing on the inexhaustible Universal forces. As a core source of freedom, we will make an experiment of ending the habit of worry while contemplating and aligning with the source of infinite Vitality.  


Meditation Satsang

Our meditative training this month will take the deceptively simple form of attending to the flow of breath and dissolving a form of habitual tension known as grasping. As we attend with an open mind and open heart to the flow of breath, we learn to detect the source of breath, which is a key to unlocking greater Vitality. Our May practice is about training in committing attention to the flow of breath without grasping, chasing or clinging in mind, body, or emotion.


Ecstatic Breathwork Satsang

Active breathwork often brings forth tingling and vibrating sensations along the body. These sensations are hallmarks of the wider opening of the door to Vitality. In this month’s practice, we’re working with relaxing more deeply so as to notice the subtle flows of Vitality which ordinarily go unnoticed and underutilized by the monkey-mind.


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