Sunday Satsang Series



Grace + Self-Effort

krpā + svaprayatna


Opening Satsang

A proverb in the Eastern traditions of Awakening is that “....the bird of Liberation (Sanskrit: Moksha) has two wings, self-effort and Grace. A bird cannot fly with only just one wing.” Skillful self-effort draws Grace, and the power of Grace inspires right self-effort. During the month of June, we contemplate the nature of the power of Grace as well as the balance of self-effort and Grace.  


Meditation Satsang

The month of June brings us another deceptively simple meditation training practice: meditating on ‘being breathed by the multiverse’. Our self-effort is to bring attention back to the meditation when it wanders, humbly, simply, wholeheartedly, and with love. We learn to recognize that our self-effort in drawing Grace doesn’t need to be one of struggle and strain. It is more of a relaxing open.


Ecstatic Breathwork Satsang

In our Breathwork practice this month, we’re observing our self-effort. We’re discerning balance of effort. Where are we over-efforting? Where are we under-efforting? What is that sweet spot of effortless effort right in the middle that opens the floodgates to Grace?


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