Sunday Satsang Series



Love | prem


Opening Satsang

What do you Love about your life, and whom are you Grateful for? Our topic for the month of February will explore sinking into the feeling that Love generates. In our opening Satsang we will play with watching our lives expand when we allow Love to enter. Our focus will be on the simple powerful insight that, the more often we make contact with a Chosen inner feeling, the more we can carve neural pathways in the brain to the foreground, expanding that feeling as predominant. As we set out in 2021 together we will share and begin to imagine the potency of this free life-altering practice of intense states of Love consistently over time.


Meditation Satsang

Love arises from Love. This is not a riddle or a puzzle. It's a practice of attention. The more we attend to Love, the more we live in Love. In this Sunday's Meditation Satsang we will meditate together to notice that deeply experienced Gratefulness and Love have a similar tone. They both open to deeper breathing, relaxed muscle tone and more intuition. Through group Meditation we will choose to come from a place of inner abundance and Love.


Ecstatic Breathwork Satsang

Until we develop a focused Love practice, spiritual progress is limited to seemingly random peak experiences and information-gathering. Love is the whole story, the Source of Living wisdom. Our Ecstatic Breathwork practice will explore Love as an alignment of overflowing generosity of the creative impulse itself.

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