Sunday Satsang Series



Worthiness + Perfection

yogyatā + pūrṇatā


Opening Satsang

What is perfect is already worthy, and given that we are all the Divine in drag as these particular personalities, our essential core Nature is already perfect, and therefore already worthy. Our essential Nature is the something which gives us life. It can be sensed, recognized and aligned with. Our August practices can stand on the shoulders of our July practice in recognizing when we are coming from inflation or insecurity and immediately course-correcting. We train in not taking our personalities so seriously, wearing them like a loose-fitting set of clothes which can be adjusted when we free ourselves from the inner critic. We will also practice releasing ways of acting and thinking and feeling which are out of alignment with our true worthiness.  


Meditation Satsang

Our meditation training for the month of August focuses on alignment. From reinvestigating how we are setting our bodies up for meditation practice, to how we are breathing, to what we are doing with our attention, we will lovingly build greater inner alignment in service of recognizing and embodying our inner worthiness.


Ecstatic Breathwork Satsang

In our breathwork practice this month, we use the breath and softening to release the tension patterns from having gone out of alignment in life, to reveal the core of perfection within. This perfection belongs to no one person. It is a universal energy flow.


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