Private Sessions

Private Sessions

Private sessions are where the deeper forms of the work unfold over time. The sessions are a practice for many; a time set aside to look up from the whirlwind of daily worldly existence and see freshly from expanded perspective.  

The closest term I have yet felt resonates with these beautiful meetings is the Zen term Dokusan, which is a private meeting between teacher and student to clarify what the student is actually embodying, and where the teachings and practices need refinement, adjustment, and deepening.  

These meetings are an energy boost, meant to inspire and empower the efforts between sessions, to clarify understanding, to initiate practices which lead to deepening freedom from suffering, compassion for all beings, and skillful wholehearted and humble participation with the fullness of life.

I encourage the recording of these sessions, as I find that students who work with the recordings tend to grow more quickly.  You will find that I cover a tremendous amount of ground with you in each progressive session, and you won’t want to rely on intellect or memory to capture all of the material.  In this way, while in session, you are supported to relax more deeply and let the energy of each session wash through you with greater ease, later listening to the recording several times to unpack and contemplate the work and teachings from each session.

These sessions last an hour and fifteen minutes, and most often happen via phone.  In these sessions we work to recognize and dissolve core tensions throughout your entire being accelerating the work of Waking Up, Growing Up, Cleaning Up, and Showing Up.  This dissolving process unfolds through dialogue, meditation, breathwork, and homework practices tailored to you and your current life.

Sessions are $250 (via Venmo, Apple Pay, Paypal, Cash, or Bank Transfer) and can be scheduled by emailing me at  

24 Hours cancellation for changes or cancellations or full payment.