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Looking Forward!


February 10-15, 2019:  Alchemy of the Heart (aka the Love Retreat):  A 5 Day Meditation & Ecstatic Breathwork Retreat, at 1440 Multiversity, Scotts Valley, CA — Details and Registration Here:

August 11-16, 2019:  The Journey Inward:  A 5 Day Meditation & Ecstatic Breathwork Retreat, at 1440 Multiversity, Scotts Valley, CA

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Wellspring Festival 2018 (produced by Wanderlust):

October 26-29, 2018, Downtown Palm Springs

Part Wanderlust Festival, part ideas foundry, Wellspring brings together wellness experts, professionals, and enthusiasts to answer a simple question:  How do we make ourselves and the world well?

I'll be teaching 3 workshops on behalf of Wanderlust as well as meditation and breathwork classes with Unplug Meditation.

More details and ticket options here:


Wanderlust Festival, Squaw Valley, CA

July 18-21, 2019

Wanderlust Festivals are a playful mashup of yoga, meditation, live music, community, and so much more!  I will be teaching multiple deep-dive workshops throughout the festival!  Stay tuned for details as we get closer!

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Alchemy of the Heart:
A Meditation and Ecstatic Breathwork Retreat
February 10-15, 2019
Scotts Valley, CA


The Journey Inward:
A Meditation and Ecstatic Breathwork Retreat
August 11-16, 2019
Scotts Valley, CA


Retreat is a time and a place when we create conditions most conducive to recognizing the essential Conscious Presence within -- within ourselves, and all of existence.  

In 2019, we will gather twice for retreat in the intoxicating Redwood forest outside of Santa Cruz, CA at 1440 Multiversity ( February Retreat Details and Registration Here: ).  1440 Multiversity (named for the number of minutes in a day) is emerging as a stunning destination retreat site -- four miles of hiking trails through the forest, incredibly beautiful, nourishing and tasty farm-to-table meals, world-class spa, infinity hot tub facing the ancient Redwoods, and so much more.

With a balance of formal session time, and abundant breaks for yoga, contemplation, spa treatments, exercise, hiking and rest, this retreat is designed to upgrade your experience of being alive.  


The Power of Retreat

It was so much earlier than I was used to waking, not even a single bird could yet be heard welcoming the morning.  It was August, 1994, the first day of my very first retreat in the Catskill Mountains of New York’s southern tier region.  Mantras hung in the air mingled with a sweet and intoxicating blend of incense that evoked feelings inside of me, both timeless and ancient.  The pre-dawn air seemed thick with anticipation of what was yet to come.

I found my seat in the meditation hall, and immediately was struck by a subtle feeling of a “hum” moving through and around my body, a palpable electric sensation that seemed to combine the beautiful serene atmosphere with the innate excitement of deeply sensing that I was in the right place at the right time, and that something...something irrevocable was transpiring.

Late morning, on the second day, just before the lunch break, and after discovering that sitting in a chair wouldn’t thwart the process, the Something happened --  and in the 24 years since, the Something has only grown, deepened, and permeated every corner of my existence with its hallmarked sense of spaciousness, ease, contentment, and....freedom.

During that pre-lunch meditation, after what felt like a lifetime of struggling to feel any sense of real meditation, the lights turned on in my inner world. Before the retreat, I would close my eyes over years of trying to enter meditation feeling foiled at nearly every attempt; peppered by the occasional “accidental” big experience that would reinspire my effort.  Not only did I have very little sense of what to look for when I closed my eyes, I had very little clue as to how to prepare my body and mind to reliably enter deep meditation.

After that meditation on the second day, every time I closed my eyes, I would feel a gentle yet forceful pulsation throughout my body.  The following days, months, years, and decades have been about recognizing and dissolving all contracted impulses into this simple pulsation of life force, which I now know as the Self.

Retreat is a time and a place when we create conditions most conducive to recognizing this Presence within -- within ourselves, and all of existence.  

The Juicy Retreat Details

In these dynamic 5-day meditation retreat we will experience and explore the terrain of living freedom.  In the heightened energy of retreat, we can often see beyond old blind spots and recognize skillful pathways forward as well as timely upgrades and refinements to life practices.


In this work we combine the work of waking up more deeply with the work of becoming more skillful and easeful in caring for our mind, body, and spirit as well as deepening the mutual joy of relationships, refining and trusting intuition, and enjoying all that life offers.   


Through progressive Tantric meditations, Ecstatic Breathwork practice, empowered Mantra practice, and lectures and discussions, we will explore what it means to go deeper in meditation, expand intuitive insight about one’s own practices and development, and unpack Eastern and Western meditation philosophies underpinning our work together.  In the evenings, we will have an optional Q & A and Kirtan (the ecstatic practice of chanting mantras).  

Registration + Accommodations

Retreat fee is $375.  Accommodations, including 3 meals a day, are priced separately.

From deluxe garden rooms with a fireplace and doors to the gardens to something more simple, there are options.

For those who prefer to economize, 1440 offers beautiful Japanese “sleeping pods” -- each with a bed, drawers, a safe in the pod for valuables, interior lighting, and a privacy curtain. There are 8 pods per room, sharing a bathroom. **If you would like to be placed with others in our retreat, make your accommodations reservation by calling 1440 at 1-844-544-1440. 


You may reserve your place by registering and paying in full or by making a deposit and paying the balance prior to the retreat.  With any questions not answered on the 1440 Multiversity website, please call directly at 1-844-544-1440 and talk with a live person to clarify and get set up.

Registrations and Deposits Here

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I hope you can join us for these incredible journeys within!