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The Courage to Thrive: Manifesting Joy


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With this special solstice practice we explore and dive into the refreshing power of stillness and the nourishment of balance.

This day is both the shortest and the longest day of the year depending on the hemisphere of the Earth where we are residing. Solstices are turning points and powerful thresholds. They are times when our practices are magnified manyfold.

Winter Solstice in particular holds the secrets of creativity. The darkness of Solstice, or a New Moon is not without light. The light is in potential form in the darkness, yet is fully and infinitely present.

Through a short dharma talk and a guided meditation, we enter the pregnant void, the empty fullness prior to creation. We will work with an empowered mantra, breath, and Grace.

Together, we will refresh, and we will renew.

“My role is to nourish your capacities to believe in yourself and guide you to a world of possibility so that you can recognize the ever abundant power of Love, within. For when we cultivate true Presence we access the Power to be the change that we wish to see in the world.”