$249.00 USD

Add on a 30-minute private session

If you'd like even more support during the course, I'm offering the discounted opportunity to go deeper! For just $125, you can add on a private 30-minute video session with me, to be used while you're going through the course. 

These sessions are not required. They are fully optional. You can use the time to meditate with me, explore the material you are working on in this course, or ask any questions you may have. It's your choice!

Taking the Leap: From Inspiration to Embodiment

Join me for this transformative 6-module program!

Because there is so much layering and depth to the course, you will be able to watch the sessions as many times as you would like. The learning will continue to deepen each time you engage with the course.

In each session there is an arrival practice, a talk, and our practices. I will be guiding you through meditations, contemplations, breathing exercises, and other practices along the way. 

Included in the course is a Question and Answer session about midway through the material.