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The deep Heart is our access to universal Love and compassion. It contains the power to help us metabolize old wounds and progressively orient to life moments from a felt sense of being abundant in Love rather than seeking love. 
In this practice-based workshop we will explore the terrain of the deep Heart through the guided practices of meditation, breath, and Mantra, woven throughout a Dharma talk on key areas to train in living from the deep Heart. 

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Balanced Breathwork

Do you want to be able to relax, at will? When I think about Breathwork practice and Meditation, for me it means attending to the natural state, prior to the mind becoming busy. To support you to stay with your practice I have put together this special Balanced Breathwork Bundle. I have found that a practice, done consistently over time, leads to a stabilizing life experience. 

“My hope for people is that they have kindled the desire, the longing, and the willingness for an ever deepening practice which can lead them to greater life fulfillment.” - Scott


What you'll get:

Three Dharma Talks

  • Resilience
  • The Gift of Clear Boundaries
  • Restoring the Energy to Thrive

Nine Breathworks

  • Releasing 
  • Recognizing Support 
  • Aligning
  • Becoming Clear
  • Faith In My Own Path
  • Fueling A Successful Journey
  • Spotting and Dissolving Tension
  • Going Beyond Thought
  • Expanding Allowing & Receiving

3 Practical Homework Prompts


6 Hours+ of content

Unlimited viewing of all talks and classes so that you can master your Breathwork Practice.


Upgrade to the Complete Breathwork + Meditation Package

Want to take your Meditation and Breathwork Practices further?  Get six Dharma Talks, nine Meditations and nine Breathwork Practices - over nine hours of content - for only $120! (savings of 25% off!) 

Upgrade to the Complete Breathwork + Meditation Package

What People Are Saying:

For the last two years Scott has assisted me along a path to an awakening within me that is greater than I ever knew was available.

Since I started working with Scott, I have been able to make a profound leap in my spiritual journey in a very joyful way. He encourages and supports me to live the truth of the present moment and is a living constant reminder for me to train in being aware of Awareness itself. I’m so grateful.

Scott is a true gift to those who have an intense desire to grow.