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Retreat is a time and a place when we create conditions most conducive to recognizing the essential Conscious Presence within -- within ourselves, and all of existence.  

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The Power of Presence: a 25 Hour Training

  • Wanderlust Hollywood (map)

Radical Evolution in One-On-One Transformational Work

You’ve been feeling the stirring for some time, an inner calling. In this 25-hour training, we’ll unpack the levers and dials for facilitating one-on-one transformational work that leads to radical evolution. The training will unfold through the lens of learning to facilitate one-on-one breathwork sessions. You will take leaps in the recognition and trust in intuitive gifts, learn to use less personal energy and more Universal energy in all of your interactions, grow your capacities to facilitate ongoing transformation through Presence-based dialoguing, and through the training, radically evolve as a person, a leader, and a conduit for healing and evolution Waking Up more deeply and Growing Up more fully.


  • Weekend One: Saturday and Sunday, September 21-22, 2019 - 9am - 5pm (with a lunch break) onsite at Wanderlust Hollywood in Los Angeles, CA

  • Weekend Two: Saturday and Sunday, October 26-27, 2019 — 9am - 5pm (with a lunch break) onsite at Wanderlust Hollywood in Los Angeles, CA

  • There will be a 1 Hour conference call between the weekends.


  • $950

  • or $775 if paid in full by August 21, 2019

How to Register:

go HERE on the Wanderlust Hollywood website, or register in-person at the Studio.

Flow of Training:

This will be a very hands-on practical training combined with theory and philosophy to round out deeper wisdom and greater skill-in-action. The five weeks between the in-person weekends is intentionally placed to allow for the homework reading, practices, and practice sessions that are key to realizations, empowerments, and initiations to not only take hold, but grow deep roots and bear fruit for you and the people in your lives.

You do not have to want to work with clients after this training. The lion’s share of participants will be taking this training to radically deepen their own embodied Waking Up and Growing Up processes, to become powerfully more true to oneself and one’s true pathway in life with deeper self-love, granular recognition of and trust in one’s intuitive gifts, and skill and nimbleness in one-on-one interactions — specifically beneficial to leaders, therapists, trainers, healers, CEOs, creative directors and more.

The more deeply we Wake Up and Grow Up, the less personal biological energy we deplete, learning instead to recognize and utilize vast limitless universal energy flows for the highest good of all involved.

Come to this Training curious, in a mood of discovery of self, world and others, ready and willing for your worldview to shift and expand, with an open heart, open mind, and open will. Full participation in the training and homework leads to coming out of this training in an entirely fresh perspective on yourself and all of life.

With deep love and respect, I invite you to step into this opportunity to grow.


Perfect Love, Imperfect Relationships: Healing The Wound Of The Heart, by John Wellwood

Meditation For The Love Of It, by Sally Kempton

Recommended Additional Preparation:

  • One Private Session in-person or via phone with Scott Schwenk which includes Ecstatic Breathwork

  • Practice of Ecstatic Breathwork in class and/or on one's own

For those of you taking the training with an interest in facilitating one-on-one breathwork, the more experience you personally have with the work, the more able you will be as a guide. With that in mind, consider doing the breathwork as a daily practice between now and the training, making notes of your insights, experiences and discoveries along the way. You must train in such a way that your depth of embodied experience creates a felt sense of strength and safety for those whom you would guide.

Additional Materials:

Throughout the training, various recommendations of books, essential oils, movies, and other tools will be suggested, but not required.

Who is this training for:

Anyone who works with others to grow, transform, and evolve in business, scholastic, and therapeutic settings