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Scott Schwenk is dedicated to providing a clear, wholesome, precise and aware transmission of profound truth. He models the courage to self-reflect honestly and to transform himself as needed to embody what he teaches. Scott’s receptivity and perceptivity of the most subtle elements of energy and awareness are extraordinary, bringing insight to those seeking guidance. And the Love through which he offers his gifts for the betterment of human consciousness infuses kindness and gentleness into his direct and powerful approach.
— Venita Ramirez, M.A., Founder, Consultant, Mentor - Traceless Enlightenment, former partner, program designer, facilitator for Pacific Integral and the GTC (Generating Transformative Change) program

I have been breathing my whole life but Scott introduced me to my true breath. One session with Scott was more impactful and spiritually awakening than I could have ever imagined. He is such a generous teacher and mentor with a warrior spirit.
— Kevin Peake, co-founder and President, Next Health, Los Angeles

I’ve been working with Scott for over four years and he has helped me in so many ways! Through his classes I discovered my authentic self and his life coaching has guided me to lead consciously and with integrity. He also has introduced me to the key players that helped make my life so much easier at work. As a teacher at Unplug Scott’s classes get packed and the reviews are always the same... that was incredible!
— Suze Yalof Schwartz, Founder and Owner, Unplug Meditation Studios and Unplug Meditation App, former fashion editor for Condé Nast Publications

Scott’s the real deal! He led me to the gateway of flow state, on the cushion and out in the real world. I’m more focused, more productive, and waaaaaay more prone to bouts of spontaneous joy. Do you ever feel like you could be living your most fantastical, in the moment, awesome life if you could get out of your own way? Yeah that was me too. If that resonates, work with him! He will guide you with love, humor and bonus sprinkles of life hacks along the way.
— Coni Constantine, Founder "Lady Balls Nation" Podcast, Los Angeles

I have worked with Scott for over 15 years and he has taught me to discover and accept myself for who I truly am. Perhaps, more importantly, he has taught me the tools to walk down this path without him. Every time I run into a tough challenge he has given me a new tool to move forward.
— Dr. Scott Conti, Founding Principle of New Design High School, NYC

Three years ago, I experienced back-to-back life altering events. Anger, abandonment and unworthiness took over and I lost the ability to receive or give love. Then Divine Grace led me to Scott Schwenk. During my first private session, I had an initiation that set me on the path of awakening, leading a presence based life and a heart centered existence. The greatest impact he has helped me put into motion is to love courageously. It is the greatest gift I can offer myself and those I impact. I have experienced transformations in a short amount of time that I felt were historically unattainable. I have worked with Scott every week since that first session almost 3 years ago. He is direct, articulate and brings the truth and highest self to every minute. He is committed to my evolution 100%. Thank you Scott for helping me recognize my amazing and abundant life.
— Valerie Gray, Mother of two, Writer,  Los Angeles

I found Scott early on my meditation journey. From the beginning, his insight, knowledge and passion taught me to go deeper into the practice and to get quiet when the world is spinning. I utilize his “Six Points of Softening” on a regular basis. If you choose to work with Scott, trust that things will begin to shift for you.
— Lu Parker, Emmy Award Winning Journalist, Anchor KTLA, Former Miss USA, Founder of Be Kind & Co.

Meeting Scott has been a wonderful gift. Since I started working with him, I have been able to make a profound leap in my spiritual journey in a very joyful way. He encourages and supports me to live the truth of the present moment and is a living constant reminder for me to train in being aware of Awareness itself. I’m so grateful. I consider him a real and honest friend, from whom I keep learning every day.
— Fernanda Urrejola, Actress

For the last two years Scott has assisted me along a path to an awakening within me that is greater than I ever knew was available. Through his guidance, my meditation and spiritual practices have become consistent and have deepened. Our work together has enabled me to gracefully accept great loss as an opportunity for further growth and development. The ties I have with family and friends have strengthened as I’ve become more open to vulnerability and love. Cultivation of my leadership skills has enabled me to embrace my career as a place for both leading and learning. I’m forever grateful my relationship with Scott and for the path of deep personal work we continue to walk together.
— Vanessa Crossgrove Fry, Wife, Mother of two, Professor and Social Science Researcher, Boise State University and Presidio Graduate School

‘Like recognizes Like’… When you experience a soul which mirrors you and sees you deeper than you have chosen, at that moment, to see yourself. That soul has arrived as a gift, a friend, a mentor, and a guide. A present kinship, deep knowing, thoughtful understanding and a reflective humble approach towards communication and loving action is the basis for how you will receive Scott, in each now moment. He is one that has arrived, through self-discipline and conscious awareness providing valuable insights on life and the path more have begun to travel. He weaves a conscious yet playful and honorable thread in his approach to life through his teachings, which is his being. I am honored to share space and receive the reflections as they arrive while allowing my presence to reflect that which is presented.
— Mark Alan Diaz, Co-Founder & Designer ~ Open Vessel Meditation Pods, Sound Healer and a Sculptor of Space through M.A.D. Design Group Co.

Scott is articulate, intelligent, and focused with a light-hearted sense of humor. He holds a place of integrity while cultivating an abundance of love and compassion as he guides me toward a deeper knowing of myself. Under his guidance I feel myself in a more expanded state, capable of remaining in the present through breathwork, meditation, mantra and relaxation techniques. Scott is a true gift to those who have an intense desire to grow. I am grateful to work with him as I feel myself in an ever expanding state of contentment and joy, regardless of life circumstance.
— Jennifer Jones, Hawaii, Mother, International Residential Architect and Vaastu Consultant

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