Looking through the pages of memory and time, it's clear that the arc and art of my life has been and is leaning into the always fresh discovery of Love.  

Most of my history has been sorting out what is ultimately True from the layers of culture and descriptions I inherited and formed an identity within; forging a luminous internal compass, a living GPS that is independent of thoughts -- a guiding Knowing that lives in the present moment, from one breath to the next.  

These sections of websites often layer plot details of a personal life that are meant to convey something.  But what, exactly?  I have no interest in convincing anyone of anything.  All I can do is share what resonates as true, good, and beautiful from my own direct experience with those whose hearts long for more than simply participating in the world of endless buying and selling in favor of radiant well-being, joy, and contentment.  

How I got to this point in my development could be interesting to some, and a trap to others -- the description of my own journey isn't necessarily a prescription for yours. 

My raison-d'etre is to be true to the present moment, deepening my capacity to embody that Love that has no outer cause; to be free from attachment to this world while wholeheartedly savoring the joy and gift of being in a body on this gorgeous living breathing planet.  And to support those who are deeply called to the work of Waking Up, Growing Up, Cleaning Up, and Showing Up.

Waking Up -- Training in recognizing wider and more refined states of consciousness, ultimately recognizing the one Conscious Force which sprang forth from the Big Bang and temporarily has become objects and beings throughout the entire Kosmos -- to recognize this Consciousness as one's Self, as well as the Self of All.

Growing Up -- Developmental psychology has been mapping ego development from birth onward, and particularly over the last thirty plus years, has observed the possibility of adult ego development continuing beyond 25 years of age, infinitely when supportive conditions are present.  Growing Up encompasses key capacities like increasing emotional intelligence, deepening and widening the capacity to see ever more perspectives on any moment, in realtime rather than only in hindsight.  Growing Up continues to focus on digesting historic tensions in the body from moments we were unable to fully process at the time.  Growing Up is essential to the awakening process; our emotional freedom is the ceiling on our awareness.  We could say that the stages of Growing Up are like installing a new operating system on a computer or device which allows the device to have ever more coherence, greater functionality, and a deepening suite of abilities and capacities.  The more we Grow Up, the easier it becomes to perceive what is referred to as Awakening as it begins to dawn, deepen, become stable, and ever more become our sense of self -- Infinite, Empty, Luminous, Unconstructed, and Self-Aware.

Cleaning Up --   "Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate." ~Carl Jung

Illuminating and emptying out the unconscious is the work of Cleaning Up, and there is tremendous overlap with the work of Growing Up.  The work of Cleaning Up addresses blind-spots in our bodies, minds, emotions and behaviors -- unconscious being and doing arising from undigested and hidden tensions from the past.

Showing Up -- When we are significantly engaged, consciously and consistently with recognizing our True Nature, dissolving and digesting the wounds and tensions of the past, and are living more often in flow-states (or what athletes often call "the zone", where clarity and right action are intuitively obvious in the moment, or entirely not worth thinking about), we are well prepared to explore the work of Showing Up.  Showing Up arises as a sense of "calling" in life.  While so much of the human activity on the Earth at this time arises from old wounds and the sense of unmet needs, Showing Up arises from Freedom.  In this stage of the Work, we are expanding on the evolution and transformation that until now has been primarily focused on oneself and expand it to include relationships, groups, world, and Kosmos.